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Canada: Adventures in Your Backyard

Travel Tip: enture farther north of the Canadian provinces and explore some of Canada’s exciting northern Territories!

The almost nonstop daylight in summer spotlights animals and plants seen nowhere else in the world and gives almost endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. If you are looking for thrills and nature, these destinations are simply breathtaking. 

During the summertime, sports enthusiasts can paddle lakes and rivers with canoes and kayaks, and ride or walk trails. In the winter months, activities include skiing or snowboarding, accessing the backcountry by air or snowmobile, climbing the highest peaks, taking a family hike or trying ice climbing and dog sledding.

Canada’s Far North is divided into territories whose landmass is larger than all but a handful of countries.

Much of the Yukon is a series of rugged mountains, and there is a lot to explore.
Kluane National Park and Reserve—which adjoins Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias National Park—is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Alaska Highway runs along the eastern border of this park, and travelers can take short hikes.
The capital, Yellowknife, 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle, is the best place in the world to view the Northern Lights because they can be seen up to 240 nights per year. In the winter months, visitors can participate in activities, such as dog sledding, ice fishing, and even drive on the Ice Road, which is so unique.
This wilderness also draws visitors during the summer with promises of superb fishing in Great Slave Lake—the deepest body of water in North America—and glimpses of plentiful animal life. Attractions also include the Ingraham Trail, bush plane tours, and the architecture of Old Town.
Nunavut, reached only by flying, stretches to the magnetic North Pole and the Arctic Ocean with Iqaluit as its capital on Baffin Island.
This region, renowned for fjords, icebergs, and wildlife, offers visitors the opportunity to witness or engage in wildlife exploration and experience the stark beauty of the area. It has been the home to the Inuit people for centuries. Nunavut provides a unique adventure in an untouched part of the planet.


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