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How to Save Money on Travel in 2023

A new year represents new opportunities to make travel dreams come true, but it’s important to plan and prepare to ensure each vacation lives up to its potential.

As booking demand continues to grow for spring and summer trips, the travel experts at Bounce—including CEO and Founder Cody Candee—have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help travelers save money on their vacations.

When deciding on a destination and time of travel, be flexible. By flying out of an airport that’s not as busy or choosing a destination not as popular with tourists, people can save money on their trip. Travelers can also save cash by being flexible with dates, especially when booking for midweek or offseason vacations.

Data also shows that traveling from Saturday to Monday instead of the traditional Friday to Sunday will not only mean cheaper prices, but also less chaos at the airport.

Candee also noted that airfare prices could drop during the later hours of the day after business travelers have booked most of their flights. In addition, people can save even more money by opening up a credit card with a hotel and collecting points for their next vacation.

Another tip for travelers would be to set alerts on major travel websites and apps to receive notifications whenever a desired flight drops in price. If using travel insurance—which itself is highly recommended—set aside time before hitting the road to find the best insurance deals, thus avoiding higher costs associated with adding insurance last minute.

Once at a destination, travelers should listen to the locals. Friendly residents can point out ways to save money when visiting popular attractions or reveal off-the-beaten-path hotspots to give people an authentic taste of a destination.

The most important tip remains to use a travel advisor. The ubiquity of technology combined with the lasting impact of the pandemic has formed a perfect storm of confusion for travelers, which is why it’s crucial to book trips with travel agents.

Written by Donald Wood, "Travel Pulse", Features & Advice.

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