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Protecting Your Holiday Travel

It could be a holiday travel season for the record books. Americans certainly went all out on travel this summer and, if the predictions are correct, this holiday season will also see U.S. travelers going big with their vacation time.

Holiday travel is being booked earlier than ever this year, with this month, October, the recommended time to lock in reservations. Right now, flights, hotels, tours and cruises are all in high demand and people are snatching up seats and rooms well in advance of their travel dates.
Booking farther in advance is a good planning strategy, especially for holiday trips during peak season, but it also builds in a level of unpredictability. However, since no one has a crystal ball, travel insurance can help provide a sense of security in uncertain times.

There are many reasons travelers may want to purchase travel insurance. Post-pandemic, travel insurance can help protect your trip if you become sick or injured or are unable to take your vacation. It can also protect you if there are weather delays, flight cancelations, luggage issues or medical problems during your trip.

Imagine if you traveled to a remote paradise and suddenly became ill and needed to get home fast. Traveling unprotected could leave you exposed to the enormous costs of medical evacuation for you and your loved ones. Travel insurance is one way to help offset the costs of an incident such as this.
International Medical Group's (IMG) iTravelInsured Travel Protection Plans are a great way for travelers to protect themselves and their trip expenses from the unexpected.
Two of the company's most popular plans are the iTravelInsured Travel SE and iTravelInsured Travel LX policies.
iTravelInsured Travel SE is an ideal family-friendly plan for both domestic and international vacations with a trip cancellation maximum benefit is up to 100 percent of the trip cost. The trip interruption maximum benefit is up to 150 percent of the trip cost, and there is a $2,000 maximum benefit for trip delay. In addition, travelers have a $500,000 maximum benefit for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.
The iTravelInsured Travel LX policy includes higher maximum benefits as well as the option to add Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) and Interruption for Any Reason (IFAR) benefits. The Trip cancellation maximum benefit is offered up to 100 percent of the trip cost, and the trip interruption maximum benefit is up to 150 percent of the trip cost. The maximum benefit for trip delay is $2,500, and the maximum benefit for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains is $1 million.

IMG also offers several other policies that are tailored to meet the needs of the most intrepid travelers. These include iTravelInsured Essential, a cost-effective limited travel protection policy; iTravelInsured Travel Sport, which provides trip cancellation and interruption coverage for sport or adventure travel; and iTravelInsured Travel Lite, which provides limited coverage while still protecting your travel investment.
Another great benefit of travel insurance is that there is a policy to meet almost every demand, from top-dollar plans that offer every benefit to budget-friendly options that give you just the basics. Those looking to protect their trip with a policy should expect to spend between 4 and 10 percent of the cost of the trip on travel protection.
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